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About Us

Founding partner Paul Kampen is a second generation German-American. His family took the great leap of faith to come to America from the Bielefeld area in Germany in 1883 with two other families. The Kampen family settled on 160 acres in the Missouri Rhineland near Rosebud, Missouri. Paul is forever grateful for their sacrifice, strength and courage to make a better life for future generations.


The research of his own family’s history gave him a curiosity to learn more about the German immigration to Missouri in the 1800’s. Paul and his wife Marti had been enjoying the MIssouri Rhineland and Augusta for many years before moving there full time in 2017. Paul began meeting regularly with the author and town historian Anita Mallinckrodt* to learn more about the wonderful stories of Augusta - a place of constant change, reinvention and resiliency.


Paul and Marti began giving annual tours of the Augusta area for family and friends in 2008. They enjoyed sharing the heritage, fun and natural beauty of the area so much that they began thinking about sharing it with others as a business. 


Paul and Marti founded Missouri Rhineland Tours, LLC in the fall of 2020 with operations to begin in 2021.


*Anita Mallinckrodt passed away in 2019. Her extensive research, family heritage in Augusta and documentation of the historical events here is a real treasure that will live on.

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